Financial Foundations

Windows on Finance 3

Welcome back, we’re up to article three and it’s time to back the truck up and get some perspective on where all this is going. Yes I am going to share on tithing, on offerings, on receiving God’s abundant release and all those things, eventually. And yes I am an ardent believer in all of the above (in spite of my provocative article titles).

But if you’re going to build a building, the first thing you build is the foundations. Foundations are the part that is hidden underground and pretty much never seen, but without them the building will not last. In fact the bigger/higher the building, the deeper the foundations need to be. Tithing, offerings, etc are all the building. They are the parts we see, touch and feel. If I build the building of tithes and offerings etc without laying the foundations first, I’m doing you a major and potentially catastrophic disservice.

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