Paganism Part 6

What to do with Christendom?

The past five articles have opened the door on the history and roots of what we call Christendom in the world today. We have seen that most of Christendom’s practices have no root in biblical instruction and many are in fact Babylonian paganism. We have traced the spiritual root of Babylonian paganism from Nimrod into the church through Constantine. We have also seen the influence of Greek thinking (the Prince of Greece mentioned in Daniel) affecting our cultural church practices and theology. All of these influences in the church persist to this day.

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Paganism Part 5

So where did this “Christianity” come from? – the spiritual roots


The spiritual root of this “Christianity” goes all the way back to my first article. It all starts with Nimrod and the pagan religion he established in Babylon and his “reincarnation” as Tammuz. As we have seen this religion became widespread across the earth after the scattering from the Tower of Babel. This religion in its mystery form continued to be practised in Babylon right up to the time of Daniel. It had however developed its theology somewhat…

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Paganism Part 4

Will the Real Christianity please stand up? 

So now we know the following has nothing to do with Christianity: Lent, Eastre, the cross, madonna & child, Christmas, mitres and Gregorian chants. This is just the beginning…

The Sermon

The sermon is a Greek invention from the philosophical speakers/orators who used to get paid to put on a good show. When the Greeks became Christians the orators among them started to take over the services, they loved the “pre-eminence.” In fact they had already started to take over the church even before the New Testament was finished. The apostle John writes in 3 John 1:9 “I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to have the pre-eminence among them, does not receive us.”

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