WWII's battle with the Aryans is far from over

"When Hitler began his tyrannical reign, one of his top priorities was to re-establish a master race out of the old Aryan bloodline. Hitler believed that the Germania people were a remnant from the ancient society of Atlantis which was destroyed or submersed by the sea. Not only did Hitler go to great lengths to eradicate any perceived non-Aryan blood from his culture, he also set out very specific guidelines for the breeding of the perfect Aryan. 

One of Hitler’s first steps was the establishment of his SS officers who were scrutiny screened to fit the Aryan mold of height, shoulder width, facial characteristics and hostile aggressiveness. Once Hitler surrounded himself with these men of renown, he ordered the daughters of Germany to bear children from these elite SS officers. This evil action was sold to the German public as the birthing of the thousand year Aryan reign of the motherland and became known as the Third Reich. Whereas this naming was said to identify the two past reigns of Germany, there was also a darker agenda behind this label.

Much of Hitler’s ideology was being patterned after two previous empires which he idolized: Rome and the mystical Atlantis. Hitler extensively studied the Roman Empire and believed he could revise and conquer the same areas of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Like Rome, Hitler began by preparing a vast army and war machine and likewise replicated many of their emblems, traditions and strategies. Hitler even ruled Germany much like Caesar ruled over Rome. Interestingly, Rome also believed in the mystical lost society of Atlantis and tried to resurrect this Aryan bloodline and kingdom."

Excerpt from “New Zeal for the God of Israel” by Curt Zant p228

So after the allied victory of WWII, the world thought we had defeated the Nazis and their anti-Semitic agenda. However a seed of Hitler’s evil deeds were preserved and this old disease (anti-Semitism) has unfortunately now become a large tree overshadowing a land called Iran. Let me explain:

"In 1935, a delegation from the Middle Eastern nation of Persia travelled to Hitler’s Germany and there made a deal to partner with his sadistic agenda of ethnically cleansing the world of all Jewish blood. There it was proposed by Hitler himself that the ancient 2,600 year old kingdom of Persia change its name to replicate his hatred for the Jews. Persia agreed and went home to soon become Iran and began to plan for phase two of this Aryan killing of the Jews. The changing of the ancient name of Persia to that of Iran was a major statement that Jewish hatred was now the main agenda of their nation. In fact this is openly reflected in the Persian word ‘Iran’ which means 'the land of Aryans'."

Excerpt from “New Zeal for the God of Israel” by Curt Zant p227

"In fact Iran would like nothing more than to ethnically cleanse the Middle East (and the world) of all Jewish blood. The real scary part is that they (like Hitler did) have boldly declared what they plan to do and have openly pursued nuclear capability by which they might make good on their threats. The question of the day is not if there will be a war, but when?"

Excerpt from “New Zeal for the God of Israel” by Curt Zant p229

It is starting to feel like 1939 all over again. Before recently stepping down for offending Islam, former Iranian president Armedinejhad both denied the holocaust occurred and then went on to falsely accuse Israel of racism, all the while breathing threats of annihilation of the Jews. What a hypocrite.

The current Iranian president (2013) is on a charm offensive with the West trying to buy time as Iran attempts to get access to nuclear power. Of course the real power brokers in Iran have not changed at all, they have just changed their public face to the world. WWII might not actually be over, it might just be on sabbatical…

If Iran were serious about joining the world peacefully, it could change its name back to Persia and stop declaring itself to be the land of Aryans thereby stopping its alignment with Hitler and the Holocaust.

Shalom and Blessings,

Richard B-P

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