The Big Recap

Windows on Finance Part 8

We’ve covered quite a bit of ground so far and I thought it would be a good idea just to pause and review where we’ve been. So let’s take another look at the foundations we’ve been laying.

We started out by asking who our Source was. By that I mean who do we look to for our provision? The example I used was, say someone is asking for an offering for a building project, do we look in our wallet or chequebook and make decisions based on what’s there or do we ask God how much we should give? This is a tough question but it does reveal where we’re expecting our provision to come from. Whilst there is nothing innately wrong with money, when we look to it for our provision instead of relying on God we have made mammon (the spiritual power behind money) higher than God.

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Precessional Movement – say what?

Windows on Finance Part 7

Have you ever noticed that in our thinking we get caught up in linear cause and effect and we set our expectations around that? We have been taught duality thinking e.g. hot/cold, black/white, up/down, left/right cause/effect etc and this framework leads us to the conclusion for example that if we push something, it will move in the direction of our push, and in some cases this holds true e.g. when playing billiards. And yet when we drop a stone into a pond the ripples go outwards at 90 degrees to the angle the stone was dropped. The ripple (the effect) defies all that linear cause and effect thinking by moving at right angles to the push of the stone. This effect is known as Precessional Movement and is well documented in scientific circles (usually with complex formulae).

In fact Precession is a generalised scientific principle i.e. it applies universally and yet we don’t often factor it into our thinking. How would we act if we believed the outcome we were trying to create actually shifted at 90 degrees to where we were pushing? This may help explain a lot of the frustration we experience in life around outcomes that are not showing up no matter how hard we seem to push to get them.

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What have I to do with filthy Riches?

Windows on Finance Part 6

Welcome back. If you’ve just joined us, please read article 5 before you embark into this one, otherwise you might think I’m a subscriber to the “health, wealth and prosperity” club.

Last time we looked at the poverty and provision mindsets and found them both to be at odds with scripture - unless we’re seeking to be cursed or selfish! This left us with only one other possibility... prosperity! We also found Paul supporting this with a bit of a tirade on “abundance” in 2 Cor 9:8.

So to help us get a clearer handle on “prosperity” and “abundance” from a biblical perspective, a great place to start is in Genesis where God not only promises Abraham great wealth, He also puts it into context.

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