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Welcome back, we’re up to article three and it’s time to back the truck up and get some perspective on where all this is going. Yes I am going to share on tithing, on offerings, on receiving God’s abundant release and all those things, eventually. And yes I am an ardent believer in all of the above (in spite of my provocative article titles).

But if you’re going to build a building, the first thing you build is the foundations. Foundations are the part that is hidden underground and pretty much never seen, but without them the building will not last. In fact the bigger/higher the building, the deeper the foundations need to be. Tithing, offerings, etc are all the building. They are the parts we see, touch and feel. If I build the building of tithes and offerings etc without laying the foundations first, I’m doing you a major and potentially catastrophic disservice.

The deep unseen and sometimes unconscious issues around money, finance and God are the truly important issues and ones that are rarely if ever discussed by Christians, and depending on your church they may not emanate from the pulpit that regularly either. Over and over we wonder why we’re not getting the results we expect in life (even though we are tithing and giving offerings) and the issue is we’re looking at the building and not checking our foundations - another reason why tithing won’t help your finances!

In my first two articles I have drawn your attention to the issues of source and who is your provider and have given a little window on who mammon is, his influence on us and his intentions towards us (not good if you were wondering). I want to continue the focus for the next few articles on these and other foundational issues. These are the real issues where the rubber hits the road. These are the reasons why we look to our financial resources (ie our wallet) rather than to God when an offering comes around.

My objective is to expose these heart issues (faulty foundations) and give you the tools to rebuild them. Then the rest of it is easy because we’ll be coming at it from a sound perspective rather than clouding it with our own misconceptions around money.

I’ve no idea how we get our beliefs around money. I’m guessing they arrive via osmosis from our parents, friends and associates. If you grew up where “We can’t afford that” was a common phrase heard at home, you likely will find yourself using that phrase. Maybe it was “I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable.” In my view, most of the West is poor and miserable and personally I’d rather be rich and happy. My point is we all have beliefs around money that we hold to as true (myself included) and yet none of us can point to the Money 101 course where we learned these so called truths from!

Issues around money are incredibly important to God. I’ve already talked about serving God or mammon (the god behind money). Did you know that in the New Testament there are 215 verses on faith, 218 on salvation but a whopping 2084 about stewardship of and accountability for money and finance! Now there’s a clue. So how come with 10 times as many verses on money we don’t hear anywhere near 10 times as many sermons on it? If you’re thinking mammon and fear have something to do with it, I didn’t waste Article 2.

So using the Bible as our textbook, we’ll endeavour to start shifting our beliefs around money from whatever it is we currently believe (either consciously or unconsciously), hopefully to a position more in alignment with God’s beliefs around money (or at least confirm that we are on the right track!)

Till next time.

May God richly bless you,

Richard Braddon-Parsons.


This series is designed to build your faith in God as your Provider and to enable you to release His full abundance into your life. If you have a testimony of God’s provision as a result of applying the principles from this ministry please share it with us (and let us know if we can share it with others). If this article has helped you, please consider praying for me and this ministry. Thanks and God Bless, Richard BP.

This article is provided for educational and edificational purposes only. It does not constitute and is not a substitute for professional advice. If you require financial advice or assistance please contact a suitable professional advisor.

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